What makes Building Assets Construction company different from other Minneapolis contractors? Trust & Confidence.  It's so important that it's a part of every contract:

"The Contractor accepts the relationship of trust and confidence established by this agreement and covenants with the Owner to cooperate with the Owner and utilize the Contractors best skill, efforts and judgment in furthering the interests of the Owner; to furnish efficient business administration and supervision; to make best efforts to furnish at all times an adequate supply of workers and materials, and to perform the work in the best way and most expeditious and economical manner consistent with the interests of the Owner. The Owner agrees to exercise best efforts to enable the Contractor to perform the work in the best way and most expeditious manner by furnishing and approving in a timely way information required by the Contractor and making payments to the Contractor in accordance with the requirements of the Contract Documents."

We conduct ourselves with this statement in mind.  We invite you to consider what you want your relationship with your contractor to be.



Nate Fluegge

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Nate started his experience with construction while problem solving on his family’s farm.  Nate graduated from Minnesota State University Mankato with a degree in Construction Management in 2002.  While in school he worked on a surveying crew, for a commercial roofing company, and spent time on a framing crew.  After spending two years as the head project manager for a residential company, he started his own business.  He and Gus decided to merge their businesses in 2008.


The Building Assets Team

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Jim has been in and around construction for years.  His extensive knowledge of the industry and volumes of personal contacts are invaluable resources that enable Building Assets to deliver the best value to any project.  With Jim handling vendor relations, you know you are in the best hands in town.


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James, Project Manager

James lives for construction whether it's a tiny bakery or a sprawling brewery; fine wood furniture, or an entire custom home. He moved to the Twin Cities from Colorado in 2010, and after running a long-term large scale project in Texas, joined Building Assets in 2014. He has since discovered his true calling in the myriad of projects he has had the delight of completing.

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Travis worked as a residential painter while in college. After graduating in 2009 he began managing a hardware store for a few years before moving into banking. Today, Travis is always eager to put his management and bookkeeping experience to work behind the scenes at Building Assets.



Located in Minneapolis

We've been contracting in Minneapolis for nearly forty years. We know the Twin Cities like the back of our hands. We know what building inspectors, zoning departments, health departments and other regulatory agencies require and will provide our best effort to treat them with as much respect as we do for you. Your reputation is our reputation. 


Building Assets Characteristics

What are some of the characteristics of Building Assets that make us the right choice for your addition, renovation, or new construction project?

  • We understand, accept, and welcome the fact that architecturally-designed restaurant projects mean we have more customers to satisfy: the Owner, the Architect, the Designer, the Engineer, the City Building Inspector, the City Health Department, the City Zoning Department, and, finally, you. We’ve done it before. We can handle it. We like it.

  • We are urban builders. We value our city neighborhoods. Your neighbors are your future customers. We take personal pride in contributing to the fabric of Minneapolis’ unique and vibrant neighborhoods.

  • We use documents that follow American Institute of Architects (AIA) format. They are pre-tested and tempered by decades of AIA editing and are noted throughout the industry for their careful handling of the rights and responsibilities of all the parties. We are confident that your legal consultants look at our contract and say “This is a very fair and good deal.”

  • We will work the bidding process aggressively, yet fairly. As part of our “front-end” effort, we will create a carefully-detailed Schedule of Values. By knowing in great detail what each piece of the project costs, you will be able to decide where you want to spend your money and where to save it.

We enjoy the personal rewards that construction brings to us.  We look forward to being your contractor.